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Congratulations! You’ve discovered Halifax Public Libraries’ online store. This current version of the Store is a pilot project. We are ensuring we have all our “totes in a row” before fully launching to our community.

You are welcome to place an order at this time. We appreciate your patience as we smooth out our Store processes.

Please note that more products will be added as the Store is promoted more widely in the weeks and months to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping, Pick-Ups, and Payment

Can I order from outside of Nova Scotia?

Yes. We can ship orders to North American addresses. We are currently offering a flat rate shipping fee on all orders. This is subject to change in the future.

Can I pick up my item at my local Library?

Yes. We encourage you to order your item for pick-up at your branch. You will receive an email when your order has been processed, and the branch will call you when the item is ready for pick-up. Call your pick-up branch location if you have questions about picking up your order.

Can I purchase an item while Libraries are closed?

Depending on the current Status of Library Service, our online Store will remain open, and items can be shipped or available for Curbside Pick-up—the same way you would pick up holds. If the online Store needs to close at any time, a notice will be posted on the Store webpage.​

How are orders shipped?

All mailing orders are shipped through Canada Post. The Library’s Delivery team delivers orders for in-branch pick-ups.

Please bring your purchase confirmation/order number with you, printed or on your device.

Can someone else pick up my purchase for me?

Yes. As noted above, your branch pick-up location will call you when your item is ready.

If someone else is picking up your order for you, they will need to bring your purchase confirmation/order number them, printed or on their device.

I don’t have a credit card. Can I pay another way?

You can visit your local Library to make a purchase from the Store using Debit or a cheque. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, we are not accepting cash at this time.

Returns and Refunds

Can I return my item?

All items are final sale. We will not be offering returns. If your item is damaged, we can offer an exchange in person at Library Administration, 3rd Floor, Alderney Gate Public Library (60 Alderney Drive in Dartmouth) and in the rare occasion someone cannot do an exchange in person, we will work with them to replace a damaged product.

If you’re exchanging an item in person at Library Administration, just give us a call to let us know you’ll be coming and ensure someone is on-site to meet you during open hours: 902-490-5744.

I made a mistake! Can I get a refund?

All items are final sale. However, if you have made a mistake in placing an order, call us right away at 902-490-5744, and we’ll see what we can do.


Why is the Library selling items?

Items sold through the Library Store go back into the Library. Purchases help create new programs and services that have a positive impact and make a difference in our community. Shopping at your Library Store is just one way to support your Library and community.

Does the Library make a profit on sales?

The Library makes a modest profit on items sold through the store. All profits help create new programs and services that have a positive impact and make a difference in our community. Shopping at your Library Store is just one way to support your Library and community.

What percentage of sales support admin fees or salaries?

The Library Store does not have full-time staff and is part of the Administration and Marketing & Communications role for the entire Library. This model allows us to return all profits to Library services.

I’d like to make a donation, rather than purchase something. Can I make a donation to the Library?

Yes. The Library is a registered charitable organization and you can make a donation online at Just like Store purchases, donations to your Library help create new programs and services that have a positive impact on your community.

Products and Partnerships

My favourite item is out of stock.

Oh no! We are working behind the scenes to make sure items are stocked and available. From time to time, items will be discontinued or sold as limited editions. You can email and ask if that item will be restocked or check back to see new items.


  • Items will appear as Low Stock on the Store when stock is getting low.
  • Items will appear as Out of Stock on the Store when our stock is depleted, but will be restocked.
  • If an item is Limited Edition it will always be specified in item descriptions and unpublished from the Store when the stock is depleted.

The product I’m buying was designed by a local artist. Are they being compensated for their work?

Yes. Any artist partnerships you see in the Halifax Public Libraries Store have been commissioned, and artists have been compensated for their original artwork. We hope to share more local artists’ work in the future!

Can I get this item for free?

A selection of Library-branded items are only available for sale. Profits from these items support new programs and services that have a positive impact on our community. The Library does offer many fun and free prizes, bookmarks, and contests at events, in our branches, and on social media, so we encourage you to check us out and enjoy!

Can I sell my design in the Store?

Not right now. Watch our website and social media channels for Calls for Proposals to partner with makers in the community.

Can you please make and sell a _______ in the Store?

We appreciate your feedback! Send your idea to and we’ll put it on our Library Store ideas list.

Are Library Store items sustainable products and environmentally friendly?

We consider environmental standards when purchasing items, like avoiding individual plastic wrappers, purchasing locally when we can, and using paper products in our own packaging. There are certain products we pay more for because they are more environmentally friendly and this is important to us.

Can I buy a gift card?

Unfortunately, right now we do not sell gift cards. Stay tuned—we would like to offer gift cards someday.

Other Payments

Can I pay Library fees through the Store, or top up my printing credit?

No. This service is not available as the Store is not connected to user accounts.

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